How To Save From Unnecessary Expenses

For someone who is working on getting out of debts or eliminating her debt list, saving is a must. It lets you accumulate and set aside extra funds to slowly pay your debts. While identifying your wants and needs is an essential part of saving, discipline comes first. There are a quite number of saving method published both by professional and bloggers alike on the internet, but the one you must choose is the one that can actually work effectively for you.

Personally, I have made my share on this and come up with some unnecessary expenses I have been incurring for the past months that could have been thousands in pesos by now - could have chopped off some of my debts in fact.

Money Saving Motivation

As written, discussed, blogged and testimonied a lot of times, the various tools and means to eliminate debts or loans are indeed helpful. But by managing your expenses or earning some extra income would take your debt elimination process on a higher level.

So let us say, you value your time, you do not want that extra time spent on working after work, you want to spend "that" time with your loved ones...etc. In short, you don't want extra work or income anymore. By managing your expenses and thus eventually having some savings on those expenses it's like earning extra income in another form.

Here are some ways to motivate you on saving money which you will eventually use to pay off your debts:

How To Grow You Money At A Young Age

Few months after I mentioned investing in stocks with my eldest son started his interests in investing. At first it was about the thought owning a part of his favourite fast food chain in the Philippines - Jollibee thru an online stock broker. He was delighted to know that at an affordable sum of money he can already "own" a company as big as that fast food chain.
Then a few days back I introduced to him why he should want grow his money at an early age. It was a relieve that he doesn't want to work abroad to earn a bigger income. According to him, it is still best to enjoy life and happiness  together with the family. So I told him, then you need to be financially literate and grow your money!

First and foremost, we need to know why do we want to grow our money I told him. There should be a goal which you want to work on achieving. 

Do you want your own house? Do you want your own car?

Do you want to take pleasure on travelling around? Do you want to help others?

If You Have Debts, Should You Still Save Money?

Definitely yes. Why?

Because you need to have some cold cash when you encounter another unexpected expenses. Otherwise, you will be resorting to getting another debt again. A very good point I stumbled upon while reading my all time favorite finance blog.

Please read along with me.

How To Save On Buying Branded Clothings or Items

While it is true that when you buy something you do not need today, you will probably be selling the ones you need in the future.

But are not clothes part of our basic needs?

Definitely yes!